Knowledge is not power……. 
Applied quality knowledge is power
When you stop learning, you stop evolving…
This applies to everything in life.  We never stop learning and growing.
And since we know not everyone can access the resources we can and understand it all, we make it our mission to provide training that is easy to understand.
We speak your language
After spending 17 years training international students, we realized that we have a talent that allows us to explain even the most technical information in a manner that everyone can understand.
We know the struggle
We choose to stay in the realm of Entrepreneur.  Because our clients are Entrepreneurs, it is far easier for us to train to the client who we best connect with. 
We know the struggle and we have found ways to ease and automate most of it for you.
We constantly searching
If there is one thing we know for certain, it is that change is inevitable.
So we search for the newest and most cost-effective solutions to add to our courses.  


Our training on social media covers everything from how you view social media to how to automate it with free or low-cost practical tools.

Starting a business is costly and you need to be on the internet, but how do you find the funds to do this?

We teach:

Mindset – It defines everything in your life.

Where do you find the tools to help you along

What they are and how to use them

What is the internet and when should you start thinking about web pages and what you should consider when going that route

Domain names and page names and how to not make common mistakes

Setting up your social media and which you should be using.

How to start gaining attention and how to stand out from the rest.

How you can present everything professionally without the costs involved.



Affiliate marketing is the way the world is evolving when dealing with sales reps for business.  What is it not….

It is not:

Buy products and sell it (maybe)

Recruit people into your team to grow a business

Multi level marketing such as amway etc.

We teach:

How to get started with generating an income from home without the shiny pebbles to distract you

What Affiliate marketing is and how it is going to help unemployed people struggling right now.

How to get started right away and where to market

Affiliate marketing is a massive opportunity to generate income worldwide, but it has many levels.  We help you get past level one.

Then we nurture you to the next level if that is the route you want to take.



We let so much of the external factors influence our inner talk.  This training is suitable for the following:




Individuals who are either in business or employees.

We teach:

Mindset – It defines everything in your life

How to see life from a different perspective

How to overcome crippling challenges in life

Attitude and how it defines everything

Motivation for management.  Skills on how to better manage people who work with you.



So many people dread the idea of Sales.. We fear the rejection of it.

But without Selling your business is not going to go anywhere.

We teach:

Mindset – It defines everything in your life

Sales and why you already do it every day

Various things to be observant of in order to move forward in sales

How to define your customer and how to sell to them

Various sales methods that can help you


What do we offer?

We do not do anything you can read in a book.

We have taken all our experiences, knowledge, teachings from fellow Entrepreneurs and made a potion that we feel addresses the following:

  • Common challenges of starting a business, when and how to do things.
  • Social media marketing and demystifying it to a point that it can be easily understood.
  • Fear of selling and how to overcome it… we know how tough it is, we bring it back to basics for you.
  • Demystifying the internet and anything to do with it so that you do not feel intimidated by it.
  • The daunting and often demotivating feeling of dealing with all to do with business.  We know the struggle so we are able to speak from the heart.

Who have we trained for?

  • Emendy MultimediTechnicalal Institute –
  • Infinity Learning Social Upliftment –
  • OS Affluence Social Upliftment –
  • Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Reshane Viljoen Mrs Africa Finalist business event
  • We host groups of business individuals.
We believe everything is interconnected.  Without the right mindset, your sales will suffer, without the ability to sell your mindset will be affected…

There is nothing stronger than the will to succeed….

We have not only had our own life lessons to draw from, but also have learnt from international and local sources.  We have walked the walk and now we talk the talk.  We believe in keeping it real, practical and down to earth.