Don’t get caught out





the gem is awesome!
You don’t know what you don’t know.
Unfortunately, some people take advantage of that, and it ends up being a costly mistake for you.
Read our below tips to learn what to ask and what to ensure you think of before doing your branding, website, logo, hosting and domain names.
When dealing with Websites and Domain

Book your own Domain name

Unfortunately, some practice is to hold your domain name for the length of a contract even if you have paid for it and all have gone wrong. Use a company such as Afrihost to book it under your own name, at least it is yours then.

Before you agree to or sign the contract, ask key questions.

These questions are: Is the domain and Site mine if you book it? What will you use to build my site? (html or wordpress) Does this include my SEO and links to my Social Media? Does it include mobile compatible? What is the exit clause if I am not happy? Where are you getting the images from?

Will I have Cpanel and admin Access

This allows you control and also if you need to check your site, you can do this. It also means if you do not have a support agreement in place you are able to get someone to manage it.

How much do you charge for hosting or support of the site.

If they are hosting it, find out what it covers. Make sure it includes updates and backup’s. Also if you need something changed. What will it cost per change.

Before you pay your final payment for your Website

Always verify that it works perfectly. This means testing it on all mobile devices, checking your links and verify your images on your site are either yours or paid for images.

Make sure you are an admin and there is no username that is Admin

Technology is scary and if you have any account with admin or administrator, your site will be targeted.

What kind of Security do they have on your sites.

Ask what kind of Plugin’s they will use to secure your site and protection for your email. And how will it be maintained and updated.
When dealing with Social Media

When you want someone to do social media for you

No one knows your business and its image better than you. Make sure you verify your posting to ensure they understand your image. Spend time with them for the first few weeks.

Ensure you understand where to look at the results of your social media.

Either you should get bi-weekly reports or monthly reports. Or if it is only Facebook, take a look at the insights tab on the top of your business page.